SPRING Consortium

Strategic Partnership for Research-based, Innovative and Networked Growth


The Consortium contributes to the promotion and sustainable development activities through institutional and public actions of an innovative and economic-social nature, including those included in the areas of L.R. 13/2014


- DTG Università di Padova
- Fondazione CPV - Centro Produttività Veneto
- Confindustria Veneto SIAV
- Fonderia Corrà
- VDP Fonderia
- Zanardi Fonderie
- Enginsoft


- Legal entity representing Regional Innovative Networks
- Promoting and supporting investment in R&D, innovation and technology transfer
- Promoting the qualification of human resources in scientific and innovative fields
- Promoting training initiatives for staff and entrepreneurs
- Participate in calls for funding (EU, Italian State, Veneto Region, etc.)





Consorzio SPRING coordina la prima Rete Innovativa Regionale (RIR) sulle fonderie

Rete Sinfonet


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