In accordance with the main measures introduced by the Industry 4.0 Plan, starting from the incentives for digitization in the different stages of the production processes CTN Fabbrica Intelligente, and with the RIS3 of the Veneto Region, SINFONET proposes itself as a regional innovative network on the foundry by promoting research funded with the aim of bringing innovation in the foundry production chain.

SINFONET partners' expertise is demonstrated by the approval of the following projects:

  • INFOS project: INternationalisation of Veneto FOundry by networked Strategies
  • INFOS+ project: INternationalisation of Veneto FOundry by networked Strategies and extended market exploration
  • FORSAL project: Robotic foundry for the health of workers
  • GAP project: Cast Iron and High Performance Aluminium Alloys
  • PREMANI project: PREDICTIVE MANUFACTURING: design, development and implementation of Digital Manufacturing solutions for Quality Forecasting and Intelligent Maintenance
  • SARR project: Advanced systems for waste recovery
  • AGILE project: AGILE manufacturing for product competitiveness and innovation
  • DERMAP project: Design of components in a critical Raw MAterials Perspective